As a Nursery Owner

Do You Struggle With These 2 Challenges?

  • Attracting New Clients To Your Nursery?
  • Recruiting Qualified Staff Quickly?

If you do, then I'd like to share the solution I use, it's ...


but without having to get lots of likes, without posting regularly, and without spending hours becoming a social media expert.

Watch the Video Below

Facebook offers 3 major benefits

  • Facebook has People – over a Billion of them (including your perfect prospect)
  • The majority of your Prospects Visit Facebook every day, usually on their phones
  • Facebook wants You To Find YOUR Perfect Prospect and then Send Them an Ad.

Let Me Tell You What Happened To Me ...

My name is Neil Dudman and I own 3 nurseries and 2 after school clubs.

Two weeks ago I had to recruit new staff due to growth and a long term sick employee.

I’d spent a lot of time working with my Mastermind clients creating Facebook campaigns for them;  now it was my turn to test these ads.

First, I created an image advert. My intention was to show the Image Ad to women between the age of 21 and 60 within 3 miles of my setting, which is in Farnborough. 

Here’s the Advert ...

When the prospect clicked on the Ad, the candidate was sent to a very simple web page (called a squeeze page) where I collected their contact details.

Here's The Squeeze Page ...

And Here's What Happened ...

The advert was shown 3,659 times within 24 hours for a cost of £11.39.

16 people applied for an interview.

From those 16 applicants, we appointed 3 people.

Compare that to typical agency recruitment fees – where each new member of staff might cost me in excess of £1,000 plus VAT.

And the whole process was done and dusted inside 24 hours – an agency may have taken a few weeks to complete.

Here’s The Bonus – the advert is currently paused ...

Which means when I need to replace another member of staff, I can very

Quickly Re-activate the Campaign

in seconds.

Is Your Nursery Full?

Using a very similar Facebook campaign, one of my Mastermind members created a Facebook Advert to Recruit Parents.

Their nursery rapidly grew from 60% occupancy to full in just a few months.

Do You Need Staff or Clients?

Do you think a recruitment or marketing Ad might help you too?

Are YOU using Facebook Ads as one of your Marketing Channels?

Would you know where to start?

The hardest part of any new technology is overcoming road blocks.

Have you ever tried to follow some one’s step by step course and then discovered that Facebook has changed their user interface.

Now you have no idea what to do next?

Did you feel stuck?

Who do you turn to?

Or did you just give up?

Like most things in life, after you have done it once, it is easy to repeat the process, time and time again.

Is creating the data collection webpage, the squeeze page, one step too far?

Please, Please, Please ...

don’t make the mistake of sending your paid visitors to your website – it just won’t work. You will simply be burning cash.

Our Suggestion ...

Join Me For the Day In Our Facebook Workshop.

By the time you leave you will have ...

  • a campaign to recruit staff
  • a marketing campaign to attract new parents
  • two squeeze pages (already done for you)
  • a facebook group for your staff to chat in,
  • a parents group to enhance your reputation with your clients
  • and a tweaked profile and like page.

During the Workshop ...

you will build your recruitment and marketing campaigns, whilst we look over your shoulder to guide you.

When you hit roadblocks – we will be there ready to knock them down.

Here’s what you will discover …      

  • How to identify your prospect within Facebook, how to turn that collection of prospects into an audience and how to deliver an advert to them.

  • If those prospects fail to leave their contact details, you can deliver an alternative advert with a different offer, even though they didn't say who they were.

  • To help you get started, we will provide you with resources, like two landing pages, a collection of images for your advert and swipe copy that we currently use in existing campaigns.

  • What you say in your advert is vitally important, as is the length of the text that you use. With the right amount of text in your ad, you are less likely to get your advert rejected.

  • If you break Facbook's terms and conditions you can easily get your ad account banned - forever.  We know, my partner had his account shut down.

  • You will create a new marketing channel that will allow you to recruit staff fast and to attract new clients even faster. Have you always wanted to be full and have a waiting list?

  • When yor create your campaign, you must be very careful with your budgets. Get it wrong and you can burn a hole in your pocket fast. If you ramp your budgets incorrectly - you could also be in tears.

  • The structure of your profile and like page will also affect how well your campaigns work. You may also need to make changes to your website.

  • The content of your adverts need to be different for each of your audiences - don't be lazy. 

Join us for the day at the YNB Facebook workshop, create two campaigns, one for staff recruitment, the other to get more children in your setting. 

You won’t need to spend hours posting in Facebook – and being social.

When you can

Buy New Customers At Will,

your business is in a Powerful Position.

What's One Extra Child in Your Nursery Worth To You?

£10,000+ per year?

When you are not full, you are literally leaving money on the table. Create your own adverts to fill your nursery.

What Are Your Recruitment Agencgy Fees?

At least £1,000 + vat Per Staff Member?

Acquire new, easy to learn skills, then create your own adverts and kiss good bye to recruitment fees.


The Cost of The Full Day Workshop Is Just £297.



Number of Seats: 20
Location: To Be Announced
Date: 25th May 2017

I placed one facebook advert, inviting candidates to a recruitment evening.

I had 24 people register, 16 people turned up and I offered jobs to 7 people.

Facebook is an amazing channel for recruitment


I have focussed on using facebook to recruit children to my setting.

At the end of the year I was just over 50% full. Now thanks to facebook I am currently full.


Build Your New Powerful Marketing Channels
That You Can Turn On and Off At Will.

Book now before we fill up.

Your Nursery Business, 42 Hillview Cr, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8BQ
01483 505 395,

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